So here I sit, without cable and very much missing my morning news.  Thank goodness I’m not without my coffee *I love you*.  You see, I have given my 5  year relationship the boot, yep I did that :).  It prolly wasn’t soon enough, however, I kept hoping things would change and get better.  Well, they had been for me, but I was being held back perhaps.  That and the other half was lieing horribly about finances, and we were living pay check to pay check as it were, there wasn’t room for err.  Smack that bitch up!

Things began to change a bit before though for me.  To turn the page way back, I had lost my checking account way back when I was married, due to another financial “stupidor”, and was only able to regain my status as a human once again right at tax season this year.  To my surprise I was able to be the proud owner of a checking acct. once more * hooray for me!*  It was such a wonderful feeling to be sure, very much independence.  Then I quit smoking, something I have tried to many times, ea. time getting only harder and harder, until I tried hypnosis.  I recommend hypnosis for anyone with an addiction….. it so works.  My mom told me afterwards how it seems that  I have been slowly wanting to make my life better and for me this time and no one else.  Hence the boyfriend as well.

Okay, so I find myself now caught up on all the bills, taking care of everything the boyfriend could not and disallowing myself the pleasures of cable *frownes*.  Perhaps I’ll find out I can afford Netflix, but until then I am stuck with anything I can find to torrent and watch.  Thank goodness for the Xbox 360 *claps hands* Think I’ll make a big list of movies to be downloading while I’m away at work, yep I think I shall do that 🙂

Right now a boyfriend for me is out of the question.  I want my own freedom, if things get screwed up, I want only myself to blame.  It’s just easier that way.  I want to get creative once again.  I have my graphics tablet but I want more than that.  I want to go back into making my cloth dolls.  Something I began a long time ago when I was married.  I really enjoyed it, my mom was getting involved.  It looked like it could be a profitable thing, but the hus at the time thought I wasn’t spending enough time with him.  And why should I?  He was a friggin’ alcoholic, seriously dud!  Though I think my tastes have changed.  My dolls used to have a country look to them, but I really like the gothic kinda look, so we shall see.  I haven’t been able to get all my stuff yet, but I”m itchen to get going.  Patience I know is a virtue they say *sighs*


Ooh……… so it would appear that I haven’t been here in quite a while *looks around at the dusty ole place, whilst sipping a cup of xtra strong coffee, and smiles*.  In light of my vast return, I think we should get a little dirty…shall we?  I’m a fan of many things one of them being pics of badass looking women.  Ya know the kind you don’t wanna mess around with.  Never the Barbie type, for that is only for the unimaginative, I prefer women that have strong features of the irregular type, or so I call it.  Whatever you call it….here you are:

So, did you enjoy it as much as I did?  If your wondering or thinking….. no I am not gay, I just think that women are more fascinating to look at then men are, sorry men, but that is just how I am.  Though there are a handful of men that would be worth posting *grins devilishly*.  Really though, I’m just joking, perhaps one day I will post pictures of  men instead.

I know this was just a cop out of a post, but at least it’s one, I think I’m off now for a bowl of cereal and to finish my movie (21).

Lizzy Borden. Simply put, because it's more interesting and mysterious than my real name, while I like it, it just doesn't have spark. Lizzy Borden, would make people think twice before lying to me, don't you think?

Manson is associated with "Helter Skelter," the term he took from the Beatles song of that name and construed as an apocalyptic race war the murders were putatively intended to precipitate. This connection with rock music linked him, from the beginning of his notoriety, with pop culture, in which he became an emblem of insanity, violence, and the macabre. Ultimately, the term was used as the title of the book that prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi wrote about the Manson murders.

Well for me, the curiosity of the man himself, "Charles Manson". And, tho I did like the original, I thought this version was 2x's as good. Jeremy Davies, did such a wonderful job and i think really sunk himself into the part. A good true crime story is always worth watching and watching again. This is not the only movie I feel this way about, but is the first one that came to mind. I think I saw it 9 times so far, and now I have to see it again.

this needs to friggin' introduction

It's not really an activity, and only somewhat a behavior, but spandex in most cases should be a law breaking offense, with a heavty fine.

Anyone caught wearing said material, would be subjected to a snapshot (to be used during trial), and given a $500 fine and court date. In court if found your spandex attire was unbecoming (and, this is where the photo comes into play), then you are immediately sentenced to community service and fashion classes.

This story was more than worthy of sharing, I really can’t think of anything even remotely close to this, unless we are talking about movies, and even then….whoa! It’s of a 30 year old Russian man accused of murdering 6, by use of a homemade electric chair. But the craziness didn’t stop there, Oh hell no it didn’t!

Dmitry K., the man in question, admitted to one of the murders, well okay they had evidence, fingerprints, that tied him to the murder, but the investigators are pretty sure he had gotten to the other 5 in question as well. Mr. K just isn’t admitting to those. However, he told investigators that if they could tie him to the killings, he would. He’s pretty bold isn’t he? If I were the police, or investigator in this case, I would lie and make up evidence then get him to admit, though I’m sure this is not legally used in the court system, huh? How did all this take place? Let’s see… Continue Reading »

I thought it would be fun to do a post about mwha. Stuff that I rarely show or let in on. My fears, quirks, and things that really piss me off. If you have read some of my stuff, you already know that I believe in reincarnation, the paranormal and think that the belief that God is our ruler is a load of crap.

My favorite color is Orange. My hair is orange (it’s not really red as people choose to call it), my purse is orange, if I had the money, my car would be orange, my dog would be orange, okay you get the idea. Oh yeah, and my bass guitar is Orange. Throughout my life I’ve had a few fav’s, but have never felt so strongly in a color as this. I’d have to say it suits my personality well. Fuck! I almost forgot, a while ago, I realized eating too many carrots over time makes your skin turn orange. Continue Reading »